Thunder's Mouth, CD by Scott Ainslie

The Cattail Music Guarantee:

We are proud to stand behind the music and products that we distribute. If there is any problem with a CD or instructional DVD, please notify us. We will replace defective merchandise immediately. Our relationship with you as a loyal music lover is more important than a piece of plastic (even if we did spend tens of thousands of dollars to put that music on there!). We have ongoing relationships with many customers and look forward to developing one with you, as well.

Manufacturing at

We use DiscMakers for our CD manufacturing. They have an excellent reputation and track record. In thirteen years, and thousands of sales at concerts and on line, I’ve had one faulty CD returned. We pay a little more for our manufacturing and we expect (and get more) for it. DiscMakers is a fine company and we recommend their services. Everything is done in-house, nothing is subcontracted out. The folks at DiscMakers are also nice. We have never had a problem with them, but if one occurred, we know they’d make it right. So will we.